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[Update – This sale is now over]


Since I’m intending to use this blog as a way to give people some travel tips I thought I’d mention a deal I saw through Southwest Airlines.  For the next couple of days they have special rates on point to point flights.  I’m not in love with flying on Southwest, but they don’t charge you to check a bag and they are by far the cheapest way to get point to point in the US.  If you’ve been waiting for the right time it’s now.

I’m in the planning stages of a trip to Germany next summer and I’ve been doing some research recently and I’m planning on doing a side by side analysis of the prices I find listed on a few different sources.  Watch for it soon.

On an unrelated note:

While I will do most of my personal writing and travel blogging here I will probably do some blogging about Journalism and writing on the U of O Society of Proffessional Journalist’s blog.  I just wrote a brief post about the BarCamp conference we hosted over the weekend.   Take a look if you are so inclined.


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