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As someone who loves the outdoors I have often thought about the effects of plastics on the environment.  I’ve always assumed that plastic grocery bags were inherently bad, and when I saw that the state of Oregon wanted to ban plastic bags last month my interest was piqued.  When I dug into the issue a little deeper and talked to a few experts I found that the issue was at once much scarier and much less clear cut than I initially thought.

This is what I heard:

You can also read a more news-style story I wrote on the issue for another blog.


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I recently watched a documentary for extra credit in a class and I think it is really worth watching.  I think it gives some very good insight into the economic and cultural imperialism of Africa at the hands of the West.  The documentary follows T Shirts that are given to charity in the US to Zambia where they are sold by street vendors.

The trade of second hand clothes in developing nations is most interesting in that it shows some the effects of trade liberalization and other macroeconomic events on a human level.  Its easy to get caught up in  the theory and the terminology, it is a completely different thing to see what effect it has actually had on the daily lives of people in these countries.

The whole thing is available here:

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