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Mud Covered Fun!

I had the opportunity to go to a cycle-cross race a while back to take pictures, and it was really fun.  I’d recommend anyone with the opportunity to hit up one of these things, and it doesn’t matter if the riders are pro or not it’s still cool.  In fact the amateurs can be some of the most fun, because sometimes you get to watch them fall on their faces:

The photos aren’t my best work, as I’m not very experienced with sports photography but I learned a lot.  I think if I were to go back and shoot these again I’d do better work. I think that with some things you need to screw them up to understand what to do better when you try again.

I’ve been buried under a mound of homework about ten stories high recently so I haven’t been able to write as much, but I’d recommend that if any of you aren’t completely swamped right now that you should try to get out and enjoy the world!


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